Have you seen our new products?

At Bobby’s we are always striving to provide new and exciting products with varying flavour and colour. We are happy to announce some new products to our range!

NEW ‘BPOP Bone’ design

 Our award winning Bpop candy lollipops have been a HUGE success, last year we sold 1.25 million Bpops and won the Confectionery Product Launch of The Year at the Retail Industry Awards in 2018. We would like to welcome a new ‘BPOP Bone’ design to the display!

(24 x £0.99)

Bobby’s Mega Soda Pops

 Our latest addition to the top selling Bobby’s ‘Mega Sour’ brand. Bobby’s Mega Soda Pops come with five fizztastic flavours including Mixed Fruit, Cherry, Tropical, Cola and Blue Razz with a fizzy sherbet centre.

(55 x £0.25)

Bobby’s Zombie Gummies

 Can you believe it is nearly Halloween? Get ready for the spooky season with our returning strawberry flavoured Zombie Gummies. Last year we sold 126,000 packets in the first four weeks!

(125g – 14 x £1.00)

Get in touch with us today to enquire about stocking these (or any of our other products) in your store!