Our mission is to provide local stores with a direct to store service you can rely on. Ensuring your shelves are stocked with our exclusive top selling lines, keeping your customers happy.

Here's how it all works...

  • We will appoint a representative to visit your store and will advise what day/date that will be
  • When our representative visits your store, they will explain our service features as well as showing our complete product range.
  • If our representative has visited your store in one of our vans, you will be able to have the stock immediately.
  • If we have called at a set date agreed with you, it is most likely our Development Team have visited. If this is the case we will deliver your order within two weeks.
  • When your local rep calls this will be our set calling day every two weeks to your store.
  • Every visit we will have something new for you. From a margin deal to an exciting new product!
  • Not forgetting every product is backed with a full sale or return policy at any time.

Contact your local depot today and we’ll do the rest.